Quality Magento® Modules

We at Magenizr know that working daily with Magento® can be frustrating, especially if specific tools are missing. After hours of troubleshooting and building workarounds for clients, we decided to offer simple but powerful Magento® modules which will definitely speed up your process and improve your client satisfaction.

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Why buying from Magenizr?

With our policies including 90 days warranty, 60 days free support and 12 month free updates after purchase as well as 30 days Hassle-Free Money-back Guarantee, we believe to be the right solution partner for our clients. Besides, we have a high interest in improving our products and come up with new ideas to provide the most effective, the most economical and the best solutions to our clients.

We scope, test and implement in-house which allows us to provide the highest quality of Magento® 2 modules. Our developer team has a least 5 years experience in building quality and user-friendly Magento® modules.

We offer 90 days warranty, 60 days free support and 12 month free updates after purchase. Beside that we give you a 30 days Hassle-Free Money-back guarantee in case something really doesn't work for you.


Well-tested and implemented Magento® 2 modules for your store. We get inspired by real-world examples of Magento® agencies, clients or customers. While developing modules we put all effort to follow PHP and Magento® coding standards ( Extension Quality Program ) and implement intuitive user interfaces.


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Need a quote for a custom module? Please email us at modules@magenizr.com.